LETTER TO THE EDITOR: GB should have a private airport

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: GB should have a private airport
Dear Editor,
Former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, with his usual lack of foresight, went ahead and purchased the Grand Bahama International Airport for $1, meaning this formerly privately-owned and now severely damaged asset is the problem of the Bahamian Public.
While in London last week, Davis announced that it is his government would borrow $200 million to rebuild the airport. This makes no sense. What they should be doing is actively looking for a foreign investor to fund the rebuilding of the airport, and which also has the necessary experience to run it properly.
I would say that the government should be looking to privatize all the airports across our archipelago in order to save the public a great deal of money, but this is unrealistic. There is simply no profit to be made at many of the far flung airports and no way to attract an investor.
This is not the case with Grand Bahama, which is a major tourist destination and the industrial hub of our country.
Davis should not double down on Minnis’ mistake. Find a developer for the airport and let us put the $200 million towards other much-needed services.
Written by: D. Davis