Letters to the Editor: A tribute to Sir Winston

Letters to the Editor: A tribute to Sir Winston

Dear Editor,

Sir Winston “Tappy” Davis has transitioned to meet his God whom he earnestly served his entire life. I spent a lot of my childhood on Davis St. in Oakes Field, where my aunt, uncle and cousins lived. In this neighborhood, we children looked up to Sir Winston, and many of the men, as father figures. 

Sir Winston, for as long as I can remember, was not only a father to his children by blood, but a father figure to many in the neighborhood, in The Bahamas, and the world. St. Francis of Assisi is credited with saying, “preach the gospel, and where necessary use words.” Sir Winston’s life was an example of gospel living. This fact was so compelling that he was knighted by the Pope. He was a devout Catholic, family man, avid sportsman, leader in the insurance sector and businessman extraordinaire, among other things. The Bahamas Olympic Association and the governing bodies of many sports benefitted not only from his membership, and active participation but also from his wisdom and advice, which he gave generously.  Sir Winston was a wonderful mentor to many. His kind eyes revealed his kind heart, which always enabled him to find time to ask how you are doing and to give just the right words of encouragement. 

Sir Winston’s life is a fine example of who we are as Bahamians. An important tribute to him, his legacy, and the legacy that he represents would be for all of us to hold high his example, which is worthy of emulation.

Rest in peace Sir Winston; indubitably, you are hearing, “well done thou good and faithful servant”.

Yours truly,

Allyson Gibson