Letter to the Editor: A strategic vision for advancement in North Abaco

Letter to the Editor: A strategic vision for advancement in North Abaco


Abaco has long been hailed as a resilient haven with dedicated and independent residents, which play a pivotal role in fostering a thriving economy that significantly contributes to the public treasury. Despite the aftermath of the devastating hurricane Dorian, the unwavering resilience and dedication of Abaconians have remained steadfast. My strong familial tie to this beautiful island is intricately woven through the insightful stories of my paternal Grandfather David Lowe by way of my grandmother Stella. Their inspiring stories of a striving Abaco is further strengthened by my father’s nostalgic recollections which underscore the profound importance of conserving Abaco’s historical identity and economic growth.

As a new generation of Bahamians diligently aspires to propel growth and prosperity, it is imperative to ensure the island’s sustained development through the establishment of robust infrastructure. This vision for community growth revolves around four fundamental pillars of sustainable development.

Firstly, emphasizing and providing lucrative opportunities is paramount, acknowledging Abaconians’ preference for self-reliance over handouts.

Secondly, a focus on providing residents with access to quality training and education is vital. Through this we effectively equip Abaconians for opportunities which would traditionally be outsourced.

Thirdly, there arises a need for efficient and affordable housing, specifically for the younger demographic, which seeks to establish families, acquire an investment property, and secure a stake in our beloved Bahama Land. Lastly, cultural preservation becomes imperative amidst growth, advocating for the expansion of cultural events to foster community togetherness.

The infusion of outside investments that are judiciously regulated stands as a catalyst for numerous opportunities. Public-private partnerships, particularly through financing government infrastructure projects, such as housing, government agency expansions, and disaster reconstruction efforts, offer promising avenues. Advocacy for infrastructure upgrades and maintenance is essential, ensuring not only a conducive environment for residents who rely on these amenities daily but also a welcoming atmosphere for tourists, whose return is encouraged.

Accountability in maintenance and repairs, especially post-contractual payment, holds equal importance. Addressing specific long-standing concerns, such as hazardous road conditions between Marsh Harbor and Treasure Cay, underscores the need for immediate action. Adequate lighting on the S.C. Bootle Highway during nighttime and enhancing road safety are critical aspects that require attention, alleviating concerns raised by residents & tourists alike.

We must passionately advocate for the unique needs of each settlement to ensure a stronger future for the constituency. Preceding the impact of Hurricane Dorian, Crown Haven was in possession of a governmental structure that frequently functioned as an education hub for children, offering assistance with academic pursuits, hosting computer programs, and, at a certain juncture, serving as a venue for BTVI programs. This establishment, emblematic of a genuine community center, underscores the imperative for reconstructing a communal facility and developing parks in Crown Haven, as well as various locales in North Abaco, to provide essential outlets for the youth within the constituency.

On Green Turtle Cay, there are a few persistent concerns such as: repairing the government dock, adding a boat ramp, ensuring round-the-clock law enforcement, and addressing the conditions of a few roads are essential. Access to cash via ATMs is a shared concern, necessitating resolution for the benefit of North Abaco. Cooperstown’s port, with its potential for Defence Force utilization, demands full functionality to service the area effectively. Meanwhile, infrastructure improvements like sea wall repairs in Fox Town and housing projects in Dundas and Murphy Town respond to specific community needs.

As we advocate for these initiatives, the primary focus is a sustained trajectory of improvement and economic growth. North Abaco, still recovering from the profound impact of Hurricane Dorian, must not succumb to stagnation. The indomitable spirit of the people demands not just what they want or need but what they deserve. Vigorous advocacy for the communities emerges as a pivotal force in realizing these aspirations, ensuring a future that aligns with the resilience and strength of North Abaco.

Written by: Bryant Lowe