Dear editor,
Fred Mitchell is upset at the Deputy Prime Minister for denouncing a calculated smear attack on his own son, while failing to say anything about some offensive comments made about certain individuals by two public servants.
This is nothing but phony outrage and a lame attempt at polictical slight of hand. The issues are not the same at all, and Mitchell is only trying to make them seem that way to score cheap political points.
The incidents that Mitchell complains about are certainly lamentable and deserving of criticizm. But at then end of the day, these were the words of individuals speaking on their own behalf and acting out of their own individual motivation. There is no indication that they were prompted by the FNM or the government to make these comments, and even if you believe that some government response was necessary, neither person falls within the portfolio of the DPM, so there would be no reason for Mr. Turnquest to respond personally.
The attack on the DPM’s son is another matter entirely. This was no offhand comment by a rogue individual, but a full and detailed “fake news” report, carefully composed by a shady, aonymous someone with a clear political motive and shared through a network of shadowy social media yes men.
It was obviously a planned and coordinated attack, conducted by the PLP dirty tricks smear machine, which has been in overdrive lately. The false attack on the DPM’s son was only one of dozens of fake news stories circulated by this PLP machine, with the clear intent of bringing the government into disrepute by a thousand tiny cuts of malicious rumor, fake propaganda and false outrage.
As such, not just Peter Turnquest, but every right-thinking Bahamian should be denouncing this highly troubling corrupton of our democratic process which the PLP is currently engaging in. ‘Power at all costs’ is the most dangerous motto imaginable for a political party.
Kind regards,
Ricardo Johnson