Lead police investigator in Shane Gibson’s trial promoted

Lead police investigator in Shane Gibson’s trial promoted
Deborah Thompson.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The lead police investigator in the bribery trial of former Cabinet minister Shane Gibson was promoted today.

Deborah Thompson, of the Financial Crime Investigation Unit, was among 44 others who were promoted from assistant superintendent of police to superintendent of police.

A Royal Bahamas Police Force order dated April 28, 2020 reads, “His Excellency the Governor General, acting in accordance with the advice of the Police Service Commission, has approved the promotion of the following senior officers with effect from 1st January, 2020.”

During Gibson’s trial, then ASP Thompson admitted that she realized she was wrong to take statements from the prosecution’s key witness Jonathan Ash and Gibson’s associate Deborah Bastian in each other’s presence to “iron out” differences in their statements.

Meantime, 23 superintendents also ascended the ranks to the position of chief superintendent.

Shanta Knowles, of the National Crime Prevention Office, is among the 23 newly appointed chief superintendents. Chief Supt. Knowles will reportedly be the first female to head the Central Detective Unit.

This follows the promotion of three chief superintendents to the rank of assistant commissioner and one to acting assistant commissioner.




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Deborah Thompson should be one of the last officers to be promoted on the job.She is incompetent and lousy at her job.She is a disgrace to the police force and gives the female officers on the force a bad name.She nearly killed me on the job by refusing to give me my medicine and she intentionally with held evidence from my file just to make me look guilty.She is a DISGRACE to the Police Force.Get rid of her corrupt backside.

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