LAY THE DOCUMENTS: Pintard questions whether Pine Crest development has proper approvals  

LAY THE DOCUMENTS: Pintard questions whether Pine Crest development has proper approvals  
Pine Crest subdivision being toured by the minister on February 28, 2022

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Opposition Leader Michael Pintard has renewed his call for the government to table in Parliament what he called critical documents to demonstrate the Pine Crest subdivision met environmental and construction standards set in law.

As Parliament debated a resolution related to Crown Land for the project last month, Pintard made a similar appeal.

In a multimedia recording over the weekend, Pintard said in theory he had no issue with the concept of selling housing packages as opposed to Bahamians purchasing land alone, which is said was inadequate.

Michael Pintard.

“However, our concern is that this particular project was started without the minister laying on the table of the House of Assembly important documents to show that they were properly prepared,” he said.

“One, they should have laid an environmental impact assessment. Two, a topography stud: We need to know whether or not the land is likely to flood or does it have cavities? Three, there was no hydrology study. Four, they failed to consult with residents in the immediate or even extended area.”

Pintard continued: “Five, it appears that they began this project without town planning approval. Six, they appear not to have subdivisions approval.

Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis.

“And seven, given the controversy surrounding the system of construction, it would be wise and appropriate for them to lay the Ministry of Works’ approval, so that the public can see that there are no issues.”

Pintard made clear that the Free National Movement supports homeownership, but he said it was “not right” for Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis to stop a housing project that had begun under the FNM because of the prime minister’s claim that a number of critical documents were unavailable or critical actions were not taken, only to do the same thing.

“And yet you begin a project, having not taken the very same actions or produced the same documents you claim were missing,” the FNM leader said.

“Lay the documents on the table of the House of Assembly, so the public can be reassured that you are following the law and guarding against any environmental or construction issues that may arise down the road.”

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