Lawyers back out shanty town case



Alarming, is how Opposition Leader Phillip Davis described the removal of Harvey Tynes, QC, and Robert Adams, Esquire, from the ongoing shanty town case against the government.

More than 177 shantytown residents are suing the government over its decision to demolish shanty town communities.

During a press conference yesterday, Davis said, the decision to “farm out” the work to independent council suggested that the Attorney General’s Office was not confident of the work of its own employees.

“To engage private counsel and then to disengage them tell us of the state of the Attorney General’s Office,” Davis said.

“The office is router-less, chaotic and a ball of confusion.”

He added that to engage counsel and then have to disengage them is a “waste of public funds”.

Attorney General Carl Bethel noted yesterday that government and the attorneys parted ways due to a difference in opinion on the legal strategy of the case.

He added that the Attorney General’s Office will now conduct the matter on behalf of the government to solve the long overdue “vexing” problem of irregular, unsafe and unsanitary housing.