L.W. Young gifted with IP devices to enhance security

L.W. Young gifted with IP devices to enhance security

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Administration at L.W. Young Junior High School received a sizeable gift from Paradise Communication (PARACOM) Wednesday, which is expected to assist the institution with enhancing security on and off the school’s compound.

PARACOM gifted the junior high school with five two-way Internet Protocol (IP) devices valued at $5,000 dollars.

The devices were given to senior faculty at the institution who will utilize the devices for seamless communication while on and off the school’s campus.

The presentation on Wednesday morning is the first in a list of donations that PARACOM intends to roll-out at a number of institutions in the Fox Hill constituency, according to Ronnie Ferguson, President of PARACOM.

L.W. Young Junior High School is currently equipped with 16 security cameras which assist with surveillance of the campus which schools almost 800 students.

“I remember when I was in school and there were times that something would happen on the campus and students would have to go all the way to the office to find the principal and then the principal would have to come and by then a lot of time is lost,” Ferguson explained.

“So, if the principal has a radio with him and another faculty has a radio they can simply communicate.

“With one message, information can be broadcast all at one time. It alleviates the hassle of having to use mobile devices to dial numbers. Even if any faculty leaves the campus they can use these devices to keep in contact.”

According to Ferguson, the IP devices provide extensive coverage, which means that faculty can be reached anywhere in the country, 80 per cent of the Caribbean and anywhere in the United States or Canada.

PARACOM presented the devices to Stephen McPhee, Principal, L.W. Young Junior High School Wednesday morning.

“This gives us now the opportunity, as we move outside of the offices and remain on the perimeters carrying out our walk-throughs, that we are able to communicate at the drop of a dime. This will greatly improve our faculty communication,” McPhee said.

“We’ve been using a cellphone system, but unfortunately due to the structure of the school, signal is a challenge. This donation now gives me the opportunity now that I don’t even have to worry about that.

McPhee noted that the devices will also assist with off-campus work as well.

“We have an attendance officer who sometimes has to go into nearby communities. Sometimes we have to communicate with parents and he has to use his phone and if cellular signals are down it’s a challenge; this will now allow us to communicate with him and parents anywhere.

L.W. Young Junior High School administration put the devices to work on Wednesday.

Within a matter of minutes, the principal and another faculty member were able to seamlessly communicate and round-up a number of students who were attempting to skip a Physical Education (P.E.) class.

“You see, it’s as easy as that,” McPhee exclaimed.

“These students were attempting to duck class today. I was able to communicate with one of my faculty members and we were able to zero in on where these kids were and I am now sending them to where they should be.

“These devices are going to enhance our security system tremendously.”