‘Juice Box’ pushes a healthier option in the inner city

‘Juice Box’ pushes a healthier option in the inner city

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Crystal Stubbs, the founder of a three-week-old smoothie business known as “Juice Box”, said she is on a mission to provide more healthy options to persons living in the inner city.

“It’s exciting, but it’s also nerve-wracking to open up a place like this around here,” said Stubbs, the first-time entrepreneur.

Stubbs explained that she was introduced to fruit smoothies while living abroad in Vancouver Canada as ‘juicing’ at the time was the ‘trendy’ thing to do.

However, her main push to open a smoothie business came after she had gained several pounds six years ago and wanted to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Stubbs said she also intends to push a healthier lifestyle option to persons in the area where her store is located, as there are mostly fast food options.

Stubbs also said, “I think persons are becoming more aware [of their health] because we are seeing more health issues [happening] in our families. So, the question is being raised of how can we live longer and healthier lives.

“I now want to focus on the inner city. You can have this [juicing business] out West or our East, but I wanted to focus on the inner city.”

Stubbs said while her new business will take some time for persons to get used to, many in the area have expressed that they are happy with the choice of having a healthier option.

Meanwhile, Stubbs advised persons who are interested in opening their own business to “be patient and take your time”.

“I didn’t have a million dollars in the bank when I started, and neither do you,” she said, adding that the paperwork involved to licensing her business went rather smoothly.