Journalist releases first e-book of poems

Journalist releases first e-book of poems

Hard copies available Jan 2019


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – It was a night that left attendees mesmerized and longing for more as they were totally captivated by the poems read by journalist Jimenita Zamora Swain, who officially launched her e-book, “All in My Head Love, Life & Lessons” as well as the Zamora brand on Saturday evening at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

While we often see her on television reporting the news, those who attended her e-book launch got the opportunity to witness more than what’s on the surface.

Saturday night was the first time that Jimenita decided that she wanted to publicly give more of herself – not to report the news – but to give readers an in-depth look into her heart, her thoughts, her feelings, her life: the life of Jimenita Zamora Swain.

Saturday’s intimate event featured thought-provoking, soul-stirring and provocative poems read by the writer from her e-book, which she said is dedicated to everyone who treasures love.

Jimenita said the idea to pen her first book of poetry came when she was visiting family while on vacation last year. It was during this time that she said that she spent a lot of time talking to a family member about personal relationships.

“During this time of freeing my mind, I was in a creative space, so every day for a week I wrote until I returned to Nassau,” Jimenita recalled.

Upon her return home, she explained she later typed up the poems she had written but had no idea what would become of them.

“Finally I shared a few with my trusted friend, Janice Mather, who nudged me in the direction of publishing,” Jimenita said, adding that she wrote the book in a week but held it close to her chest for months before deciding to self-publish.

When Jimenita did decide to go public with her poetry, she secured the services of professional graphic artist Dahar Butler, who immediately went to work designing and making her first book a reality.

“I sent him the draft and he took it from there. He designed the layout, selected the quotes from each poem that he liked best, and since I enjoy taking pictures, I opted to include a few selections in my e-book as well,” she explained.

Jimenita revealed that some of the poems in the e-book are about personal experiences, such as the poem entitled, “the kiss” which she read on Saturday night to an awe-struck audience.

“That experience was really like nothing I had ever encountered so I tried my best to explain it in words,” Jimenita shared about this particular poem. “So many of the poems are about personal experiences or observations.”

Jimenita said she always found writing to be an easy task, so when she sat down to write “All in My Head Love, Life & Lessons,” everything flowed with ease.

Some poems, she said, brought joy, tears and even pain while recollecting some experiences, thus she was somewhat apprehensive about sharing the details of her private life in a book.

Meanwhile, at Saturday’s book launch, Jimenita’s poetry was accompanied by an ensemble from the world-renowned Bahamas National Youth Choir, under the direction of Dexter Fernander.

Guests were also entertained by host Perez Clarke, who strongly encouraged guests to support Bahamian writers and their efforts.

And as guests listened to each poetry reading, they were also mesmerized by Jimenita’s fashion sense and her unique style, as she transformed her look with each reading by slipping into a different, eye-catching outfit.

As she ended the night, Jimenita, who describes herself as passionate, determined and  optimistic, advised guests to trust their instincts and believe in themselves.

“Everybody has at least one good book inside of them and they must be brave enough to release it,” Jimenita advised.  “Also, it will require sacrifices, time, effort, energy, money and the constant demands of pouring yourself completely into the project.” 

All in My Head Love, Life & Lessons” will be posted online in the coming weeks.

“I will notify members of the public where and exactly when [the book will be available] through the relevant channels, inclusive of social media and email,” Jimenita said.

Hardcopies of  “All in My Head Love, Life & Lessons” will go on sale in January, 2019.

The expanded print version is expected to feature additional nuggets.

As for the “Zamora” brand, Jimenita presently offers, but is not limited to providing services in: pageant coaching, public speaking/training, public speaking engagements and event hosting.