Jean Rony applies for Bahamian citizenship

Jean Rony applies for Bahamian citizenship

Lawyers representing Jean Rony Jean-Charles placed an ad in a local daily on Thursday, as is required during the naturalization process.

Anyone who knows any reason why his registration and naturalization should not be granted, is asked to send a written and signed statement of the facts within 28 days from October 30th, the ad read,

Thirty-five-year-old Jean Charles, who was born in the Bahamas to illegal Haitian parents, has been the center of controversy since he allegedly went missing after being arrested and detained at the Carmichael Road Detention Center in 2017.

It was later discovered that Jean Charles had been deported.

Soon after, Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hilton ordered the government to “immediately” issue a travel document for Jean-Charles to allow him to return from Haiti to the Bahamas at the government’s expense, and to grant him legal status no later than 60 days after his return.

Immediately following that ruling, the government filed an appeal on the grounds that Justice Hilton was wrong in law and principle, and overreached his constitutional authority and that order was subsequently set aside.

Earlier this month, the court of appeal threw out that decision and Attorney General Carl Bethel told Eyewitness News at the time that the decision on what will happen to Jean Rony Jean Charles now rests in the hands of Immigration Minister Brent Symonette.

Fred smith, QC, who represents Jean Charles said he is filing an appeal and taking the case to the Privy Council.