James Catalyn remembered



A true master of his craft, James Catalyn left a legacy for The Bahamas and the world following his death this past weekend.

Catalyn was considered by many as the epitome of Bahamian culture and introduced the phrase, “Speak Bahamianese, use English only when necessary”.

His vast work of small skits and short plays became his calling card, in particular, Baby Summer Madness, which ran annually.

Additionally, James Catalyn and Friends (JC&F) Theatrical group has been a tour-de-force on the Bahamian theatre scene for the past 35 years.

Though now having to endure the sting of the loss of their leader, some of the original cast members gave Eyewitness News a candid interview about performing their favourite Catalyn skits, the legend’s no-nonsense approach to life and the impact he made on their lives.

A consummate professional, current members of the troupe expressed that Catalyn wanted to hear his words delivered the way he wrote them and reminisced on his desire for discipline and an on-time curtain call.