Jack’s Bay to Stand out Among Resort Communities

Jack’s Bay to Stand out Among Resort Communities
Jim Goodman, Jack’s Bay Developers CEO, points to a photo of Sea Spray restaurant as Judith Whitehead, Managing Partner of Graham Thompson & Co. and Caryl Lashley, Partner at Dupuch & Turnquest look on during a recent reception.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS –  Developers of Jack’s Bay in Rock Sound, Eleuthera expect that a combination of global leadership, unique offerings and sustainability will make their resort community stand out in the marketplace.

“Just as Atlantis had to happen for Baha Mar to exist, we really needed Bakers Bay and Albany to happen for Jack’s Bay to be seen in the light it could be seen today,” said Jack’s Bay Developers Chairman, Sir Franklyn Wilson, at a recent reception.

According to Wilson, investors have placed the new mixed-use resort in a unique fraternity. Jack’s Bay is one of only five world-class properties in The Bahamas with a golf element, which places it in the company of Lyford Cay Club, Albany, Ocean Club Estates and Bakers Bay Golf & Ocean Club.

“Out of those five communities, we have this combination of leadership with proven capacity in the global arena. But we also have a board of directors comprising leading business people in the country. Our stockholder base is impressive by any concept in The Bahamas,” said Wilson, adding that an accomplished team of local and foreign professionals—featuring Jim Goodman, Chief Executive Officer and TGR Design by Tiger Woods—gives Jack’s Bay a competitive edge in the global market.

“So I believe, through that combination of leadership and proven global expertise, we have positioned Jack’s Bay to provide the best Bahamian experience.”

Jack’s Bay will comprise three subdivisions of residential lots and a five-star rated, 52-room lodge. Lots in two subdivisions have already been sold and some buyers expect to begin construction of their homes by the end of January 2019. Other key amenities include the Salt Spray restaurant, which is well on its way to completion.

While the Jack’s Bay development will also feature water sports, a lagoon and a farm, the pride of this novel property will be a 10-hole, par-3 golf course designed by Tiger Woods and dubbed “The Playgrounds.”

According to Jim Goodman, Jack’s Bay Developers CEO, this shorter 10-hole golf course is a phenomenon in the golf community that will attract players of all kinds. “For years we’ve been trying to figure out how to get more people into the game and how to take advantage of our biggest obstacle in golf, which is time. But I think the short course is a wonderful alternative. The diehard players can be shooting for the pins and trying to make birdies and the kids can be putting from tee to green and enjoying the game. It’s a great family component,” said Goodman at the reception.

In a bid to bring innovative and sustainable construction to Jack’s Bay, developers have recently partnered with Cat5 Building Systems, a US-based construction company. CaT5 specializes in materials such as fiberglass solar panels that withstand intense hurricane winds; a block system that takes less time to construct than the typical concrete masonry unit system; and basalt rebar, a rust-resistant substitute for the steel rebar commonly used in construction.

For Tommy Turnquest, Jack’s Bay Developers Director, such partnerships complement his vision for a development concerned with the environment. Turnquest explained that his team recently adjusted construction plans after an environmental impact assessment revealed the presence of a turtle sanctuary on property.

“We believe that the property that God gave us is one of the nicest in the Bahamas and it is incumbent upon us, as good stewards, not to mess it up,” said Turnquest.

“We’ve been very deliberate in not just trying to sell the land to turn over cash, but to make sure that our development is sustainable and done in the right way. At the end of the day, Bahamians—and more particularly, persons in Eleuthera—would be pleased with the end product.”