“IT WILL NOT HAPPEN”: No real property tax on Bahamians in the Family Islands coming

“IT WILL NOT HAPPEN”: No real property tax on Bahamians in the Family Islands coming
Minister of Economic Affairs Senator Michael Halkitis.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Economic Affairs Minister Michael Halkitis sought to dispel concerns that the government plans to impose real property tax on Bahamian owners in the Family Islands, stating that “It will not happen.”

During his contribution to the mid-year budget debate in the Senate, Halkitis referred to an article in a local newspaper that had highlighted worries about the government’s intention to impose property tax on owners in the Family Islands. He emphasized, “It will not happen. I hope that I am clear enough.”

Halkitis clarified that the government’s objective is to enhance its understanding of the second home market in the Family Islands, and it is conducting inspections and appraisals for this purpose. While Family Island property owners have been receiving real property tax bills and assessment numbers, this does not imply that they will be taxed.

Halkitis cautioned Bahamians in the Family Islands not to interpret data-gathering efforts as a government decision to impose real property tax. He declared with certainty and authority that it will not happen.


The Family Islands are backwards in infrastructure, roads suck, bpl lives off, internet spoolibg, God help water. Cost of everything high. People still with outside toilets and toting buckets in many areas. Sto trying to tax Bahamians more. Leave Bahamian ownership and rentals alone. This money stays in our country. Tax the foreigner who complains loudly and sends money out to their home countries. What happened to putting Bahamians first in the Bahamas? Or is only the political elite allowed, once agin, to be moneymakers and the rest of us glorified servents living on the will of foreign???

Why does one set of Bahamians get to pay while others don’t? I say we all should be exempt from real property taxes?

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