Issue with Bain and Grants Town standpipes will be addressed

Issue with Bain and Grants Town standpipes will be addressed
Chairman of the Water & Sewerage Corporation, Adrian Gibson.

 Following reports on Eyewitness News that the standpipes in the Bain and Grants Town community were somewhat inoperable, Adrian Gibson, Chairman of the Water and Sewage Company said he was not aware of this concern until the news report was aired.

“I just spoke to my deputy general manager and he has informed me that a number of the pipes have been [installed] by another government agency, but he hasn’t had any complaints, but I have directed him to dispatch a team into the inner city, effective immediately,” Gibson said.

According to Gibson, the Government’s only plan is to have better and more efficient working standpipes for the community to use.

One Bain and Grants Town resident said they had to use wrenches and tools to turn on the standpipes. He also expressed concern for children who are unable to turn on the standpipes because they do not have the necessary tools.

Meanwhile, following concerns of outdoor toilet use in the inner city, the Minnis-led administration promised back in June that they would fix over 70 standpipes in Centreville and Bain and Grants town.