Island Luck, Ultra Games employees receive international customer service training

Island Luck, Ultra Games employees receive international customer service training
Island Luck and Ultra Games staff pose with instructors and their certificates of completion after successfully completing an internationally certified customer service training by the Phoenix Institute

Island Luck and Ultra Games employees will be better equipped with essential tools to assist customers after completing the international certified customer service training by the Phoenix Institute.

Over the next four days, the employees will undergo intense customer service training, where they will delve into the importance of internal and external customer service.

The training is taking place at Island Luck Training Center on Carmichael Road.

In an interview with Eyewitness News Online, the Phoenix Institute’s Executive Director Laverne Sturrup said, “This training is very vital and important. the Phoenix Institute has done this before and you can see where the progress has been made.

“What we want them to understand, is that customer service is so vitally important; when it’s from the security at the door to the maintenance person.

“Whether it’s internally or externally, we encounter customer service and the Phoenix Institute does just that. Where customer service trains persons for every aspect of life.”

According to Phoenix Institute CEO Spence Finlayson, this is the second time the institute has conducted training sessions with Island Luck.

“This is my second time around in the last four years and this time,” Finlayson told Eyewitness News Online, “we have a lot of work to do.

“The training programme, thus far, has received a rousing applause. The employees have enjoyed it immensely. One of the things that defray its actions is, we give you tools you can take back in the work place and implement them immediately.”

Finlayson expanded on the imperative role, he said, customer service plays.

“As competition grows in the market, the only thing that will make you stand out or differentiate you from the competition, is your customer service,” he said.

Finlayson further explained that trainings such as this one, “is an investment in your human capital, which is the most important capital … You can forget the lavish buildings and all this stuff.  If the human capital is not there, then it’s not going to work.”

According to Finlayson, all employees who participate in the week-long training, will receive an internationally recognized customer service certificate at the completion of the session.

Ultra Games Duty Manager Demetria Johnson called the workshop “very informative” and expressed that customer service in particular, is a vital part of her employee portfolio.

“… We are dealing with people who are spending money in hopes of getting something in return, and they want to see some kind of profit coming to them,” Johnson explained.