Island Luck CEO: No logic or rationale in govt. decision making

Island Luck CEO: No logic or rationale in govt. decision making
Island Luck CEO Sebas Bastian

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Island Luck CEO Sebas Bastian called on the government to make its plan for economic reopening clear and inclusive, noting the prime minister’s recent comments appeared to personally target the gaming industry.

Bastian questioned the decision to keep the sector that employs more than 3,500 people closed after Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis made clear last week’s amended order did not authorize gaming houses to reopen.

He pointed to Minnis’ projection during his national address that the country’s unemployment would hit 30 percent in the near term.

“Why the government is intent on keeping the sector closed and these Bahamians out of work is unclear,” Bastian said in a statement.

“What has become apparent is that there is no logic or rationale to support the government’s ad hoc decision-making. Like other sectors, the gaming industry closed its doors to help mitigate the growing public health crisis, complying with all of the emergency orders announced by the competent authority.”

Bastian noted Island Luck’s commitment to paying the salaries of all employees, inclusive of approval to pay unemployment benefits directly to all eligible employees.

He said Island Luck has also paid the balance of any shortfall not covered by NIB unemployment benefits.

Island Luck has implemented new technology, along with our existing drive-through capabilities, physical distancing, and sanitization protocols during the shutdown, according to Bastian.

“If government’s core objective is to reduce the possibility of the spread of COVID-19, we have gone above and beyond to meet that objective,” his statement continued.

“In fact, Island Luck has one of the most efficient and well-organized curbside services in The Bahamas.”

“Given the Prime Minister’s fingering-wagging at the gaming industry despite these measures, it can only be assumed that reducing the spread of COVID-19 is not the government’s core objective. And, with liquor stores and other “non-essential” businesses open, we now know that the aim is not to limit so-called “vices” or to restrict the operation of non-essential businesses.”

“With unemployment set to peak at a record high, likely over 30 percent as asserted by the Prime Minister himself, one would expect some dialogue between the government and an industry that employs a significant number of Bahamians. Instead, there has been silence and the gaming industry has been assailed by this government yet again.

“The gaming industry is more than willing to do its part to halt the spread of COVID-19 and help return The Bahamas to a state of normalcy.”

The statement added: “To avoid further confusion, the government should make clear its decision-making processes as it relates to business openings and take an inclusive approach to this decision-making by engaging industry stakeholders the same way that courtesy is extend to other industries. Regardless it leaves a glaring question are these measures Purposeful or Personal?”


Its the best thing that the Government can do is to close down all web shops for goo> all they are doing is keeping the economy broke and depending on the NIB for food, and other assistance, once they lost all of the little money that they have. This CEO don’t care if you’ll get the corona virus and die or not, as long as he gets richer and make jokes at you’ll while living large. I hope the Gov. closed it down FOREVER

For Christ sake, sit down you greedy pig!!! If Atlantis and Bahama is closed, isn’t it under the same gaming board restrictions?. Why don’t you buy food for all the bahamians and give,NIB a break, no you want to hog up everything for yourself. Your father RIP, died looking like a pauper. You bought him a truck for his birthday, but your name was on the title, you don’t pick up the phone to see how any of your siblings doing. Go sit down and sell all those homes, cars, yachts, jewelry, lord knows what else. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!

Prime minister was insensitive,disingenuous and personal in his remarks re. Gaming industry. I have witnessed their strict adherence to social distancing, sanitizing and the wearing of face masks. Their curbside practices are effective.. and pm should be appreciativethe 3500employees are returning to work

What that man or any man does with his money is his choice. I don’t see anybody with such strong complaints about the nature of his business, which from what I am reading is personal bitterness providing any jobs for anybody in this country. I can’t believe there would be people trying to ridicule this man who only does the best he can to give back to a nation littered with ungrateful people who feel entitled to everything related to someone else’s success and hard work. How dare anybody to come on here and talk about nib in such positive manners they are not adequately taking care of the people in times like these and you fools openly accept them spoon feeding you and your children like it’s worth the taxes being put into the country, the least they could do is feed the people. I’m sure this brother don’t need the money with all those assets you pointed out, so why not support the man as he advocates for people to return to work sooner than later. If you can’t see by now this agenda is no longer about keeping people safe and most likely never has been. Now if you want to be real turn your negative comments towards Wendy’s and Kentucky and all the foolish non essential things that were still up and running while so called keeping people safe. Open your eyes instead of your mouth!

I agree with the pm simply because the web shops are to greedy the economy is already unstable people are taking there last to gamble when it’s all gone you are left with nothing to take home to your family I’ve been there and done it thank God for nib because the web shops didn’t put bread on my table

Sebas give more to the community and be rewarded in return. Another thing unlock the machines. Stop trying to take all of NIB MONIES!

Closing web shops that should have never been allowed to open so people don’t gamble away their NIB checks. He only mad bc it make sense. Too much Bahamian money getting siphoned out of the country by these clowns already spending millions of impoverished Bahamian income at foreign owned clubs.

This is interesting because I can honestly see that Sebas Bastian gives back! If you dont know a man dont judge a man! I ride around Nassau and I know definatly that there are strict rules adhered to by any business that he runs. You are not forced to gamble, and out of drinking and gambling which is worse. No rum no gambling no smoking!

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