Irate straw vendors want answers

Irate straw vendors want answers

Straw vendors are up in arms after a number of their goods were confiscated last week Tuesday by the Straw Market Authority.

Vice President of Communications for the Straw Business Persons Authority, Rebecca Small, referred to the confiscation as a case of emergency, and noted that the matter has escalated to an unacceptable level.

“The straw vendors are calling on Prime Minister Minnis and [Works] Minister Desmond Bannister to assist in addressing this most pressing matter that affects hundreds of Straw Vendors,” said Small at press conference held yesterday at the House of Labour.

“On Tuesday, November 6,  we witnessed members of the Straw Market Authority disposing of the products owned by some straw vendors. Those vendors did not receive proper notice of this action,” Small claimed.

Speaking in support of the vendors, President of Th Bahamas Trade Union Congress Obie Ferguson said that he agrees and supports the views of the vendors.

“If the vendors and tourists are unhappy, then the industry is under a threat,” he said.

Small stressed that the focus of the Straw Market Authority is misplaced, and their priorities are in the wrong place. She also added that they are doing a terrible job with the up-keep of the facility.

Esther Thompson, President of the Straw Business Persons Association said the needs of the straw market are great, but the issues of vendors must be addressed as a matter of urgency,

When contacted yesterday, Minister of Works Desmond Bannister offered no comment, saying no information had been presented to him about the vendors. He said should the issue come across his desk he will be willing to consider the matter.