Investar Securities Limited offers Titan Funds in Grand Bahama

Investar Securities Limited offers Titan Funds in Grand Bahama

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Having launched two Titan Funds in the capital on June 3, Investar Securities Limited on Monday extended investment opportunities to residents in the nation’s second city.

On June 3, Investar Securities introduced the Titan Balanced Fund at a minimum initial investment of $500 and the Titan Fixed Income Fund. While the Titan Balanced Fund appeals to a wide range of investors, the Titan Fixed Income Fund is geared toward the accredited investor including institutional investors.

Both funds offer attractive rates of return.

The Titan Balanced Fund is projected to appreciate 7-10% annually and the Fixed Income Fund pegged at 5-7%.

Both are significantly higher than comparable offerings on the Bahamian market.

On Monday, Ansel Watson, President & CEO of Investar Securities Ltd said that itwas only right to bring the fund to Grand Bahama after its successful operations in the capital.

Watson said that there was a dire need for Bahamians to be able to have access to wealth in their own country.

“With the internet and the availability of investment information, our Bahamians are seeing more persons creating more wealth. Investar and the Titan Fund were launched to bring those complex financing arrangements to everyday Bahamians,” Watson said.

The Titan Funds is an ongoing initiative with no end date.  Once persons create their first investment, they can always add to or remove from the Fund, Watson said.

Meanwhile, Investar Securities Limited opened an investment office at the East Sunrise Plaza and first in line to purchase shares was Hiram Pinder, who told Eyewitness News Online that the opportunity was long overdue.

“I’ve been wanting to invest in Island Luck for a long time,” he said. “I waited and waited and I couldn’t wait for them to come to Freeport and allow us to invest in it.”

Pinder told Eyewitness News that he decided to invest because it was best to invest and take a risk while young.

“I think the Titan Fund is not a big risk. I guarantee you will make money,” Pinder said.

Islank Luck CEO, Sebas Bastian, announced the Titan Funds initiative at the end of last month. He explained that the fund will allow every Bahamian access to the shares in Island Luck, shares in its government-rented buildings and many other exciting investment opportunities in the Island Luck portfolio.