Inland Revenue clears up ‘significant’ backlog

Inland Revenue clears up ‘significant’ backlog
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NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Acting Controller of Inland Revenue Gaynell Rolle said yesterday the department has been able to clear up a ‘significant’ backlog in trade name applications dating back to March, and had completed just over 60 percent of requests made in July.

The trade name approval is the first step in Inland Revenue’s online process for applying for a business license. 

From March to August 20, the department had received 11,412 trade name requests and approved 7,692.

Rolle said: “Trade names are under the remit of the Registrar General. We have an access where we assist with the approval or objection to trade names. The Registrar General had some slight concerns with their portal. There is no delay as it relates to business licenses unless it is a new business license where persons are awaiting trade name confirmation.” 

She said: “There has been a significant delay in trade names but that has been rectified as of the July 28. We had a backlog from march when we had the shut down and the Registrar General had the breach. We had to do some due diligence.

“We are, up to July, 64 percent complete with all requests made for July and just one per cent in August. We are catching up. We just got access on July 28. From that time until now we would have been able to manage all of March, April, May and June and portions of July, so the staff really did a tremendous job in bringing that up to speed.”