INJUNCTION: Supreme Court judge orders airport workers to return to work

INJUNCTION: Supreme Court judge orders airport workers to return to work
Lynden Pindling International Airport (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Airport Authority workers have been hit with a restraining order blocking them from participating in any form of industrial action due to a Supreme Court injunction.

The interlocutory injunction was granted against the Bahamas Public Service Union by Justice Denise Lewis-Johnson last night, according to Director Of Labour Robert Farquharson.

Hundreds of workers reportedly staged a sick-out yesterday impacting operations across several airports in the country demanding resolution to longstanding issues regarding the signing of an industrial agreement and outstanding payments.

The ruling finds workers in breach of the Industrial Relations Act “by calling, organizing, inducing, inciting or procuring its officers and/or members to continue to participate in Industrial action amounting to a strike”.

Immigration minister Keith Bell told reporters at Cabinet this morning that most workers have returned to work at LPIA, adding that operations have returned to a sense of normalcy.

Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister Clint Watson, confirmed that the prime minister met with BPSU president Kimsley Ferguson this morning.

The ruling further stated: “An Order restraining the Defendant whether by themselves, their officers, servants and/or agents, forthwith or until further Order from contravening Sections 76 and 77 of the Industrial Relations Act by refusing to report to work, or to refuse to report to work when scheduled to do so, or leave their employment or otherwise participate in any form of industrial action;

It continued: “An Order requiring the Defendant or until further Order to forthwith instruct its officers and members to return to their specified areas of employment; and to report to work when scheduled to do so and not to take part in or continue to take part in any form of Industrial action.”

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