Independence theme fitting reminder of Bahamians’ core values, says Thompson

Independence theme fitting reminder of Bahamians’ core values, says Thompson
Minister of State for Grand Bahama, Senator Kwasi Thompson, was the keynote speaker at the Flag Raising ceremony in Freeport, which was held on Friday, July 6, 2018 at the Harold DeGregory Complex. (BIS Photos/Lisa Davis)

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama: Minister of State for Grand Bahama Senator Kwasi Thompson said the theme for The Bahamas’ 45th Independence, “We’ve Come This Far by Faith,” is a fitting reminder of the core values Bahamians have held since gaining Independence in 1973.

“Under the guidance of Almighty God, we have stood united in a shared purpose to achieve profound social and economic advancement. We have much to thank God for, as it is an honor and a privilege to be Bahamian,” Thompson said.

He was the keynote speaker at the National Pride Day and Flag Raising ceremonies, held at Harold DeGregory Complex on Friday.  The annual event was one of many celebrations taking place in Grand Bahama as part of Independence festivities for Independence Day, July 10.

During his address, Thompson noted that while The Bahamas, like other countries, struggles with its share of challenges, there are amazing Bahamian stories of triumph which give all Bahamians cause for tremendous pride.

He said in the midst of poverty and despair, there are also Bahamian acts of great kindness and inspiration.

“There is sometimes disappointment, but it is met with the Bahamian spirit to overcome and to rise above circumstances,” he said.

“In our city of Grand Bahama that some say is depressed, I see signs every day of the overcoming Bahamian spirit that continues to strive and continues to rise.

“In Grand Bahama, we celebrate innovation, we celebrate resilience we celebrate our victories, every improvement, and every step to recovery. I encourage every Bahamian in this season of Independence to lift up your head to the rising sun and see on the horizon the hope of complete reformation and restoration.

“It is always a joy to witness that extra pride, particularly this time of year. I am proud of the aqua, gold, and black and what it represents.

“Through continued faith in God, perseverance, and unity, our future successes are limitless. I hope that the cultural displays that will take place across our island and nation this week will light a spark of patriotism in all. It is my prayer that it will unite us all.”

The Flag Raising ceremony was held at a specific time in order to ensure that the Bahamian Flag was raised at the same time across the country, on every island, key, and settlement.


This article was written by ANDREW COAKLEY, Bahamas Information Services.