Impacted residents weigh in on new landfill company

New Providence Landfill

Former Member of Parliament for Tall Pines Leslie Miller stated Thursday that the $130 million first phase of Providence Advisors Waste Resources Development Group’s (WRDG) Landfill operations as stated by its President Kenwood Kerr, is astronomical and ridiculous.

“I find $130 million to be astronomical for the remediation of our dump here on Harold Rd (Tonique Williams Darling Highway),” said Miller. “In fact, I find it incredible that they are now talking about producing energy again.

During a press conference to announce WRDG as the new landfill manager, Kerr stated that for all the infrastructure to be installed properly along with the management and remediation, the estimated costs would be $47 to $54 million.  He also announced the company’s plans for a renewable energy power plant which is estimated to cost around $70 million.

Miller said, “The problem is there is nothing there to produce this energy from.   Seventy percent of the dump is fill; you don’t produce power from rock.”

The Landfill was previously managed by RENEW Bahamas which was selected during the Christie-led administration.  Minister of Environment Romauld Ferreira announced on Wednesday that WRDG will take its place.

Eyewitness News got reactions from residents of Jubilee Gardens, many of whom say they are still feeling effects of the dump fires on their lives.

“The conditions are too bad,” one resident said.  “You have young children and elderly people around here who are not fully healthy and strong; you have sickly people because of these fires. Some people have died because of so much smoke from these fires, but nobody saying nothing about that.”

Terrance Stubbs, another concerned Jubilee Gardens resident said, “With all the smoke in the area, there have been many problems…from houses getting damaged, the smoke getting stuck inside your clothes, the curtains. We have many elderly people that are affected by it because they have breathing problems; some are on CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure therapy) machines.

“In the morning time when the dew hits, sometimes the smoke is so thick, you can barely see your hand in front of your face,” Stubbs confirmed.

Residents also had their say on the new company that will be managing the site, and the general consensus is that they can only wait to see what will come of this.

“There has been a lot of talks back in the day, apart from Mr. Leslie Miller because he did the most to help with at least our homes cleanup efforts by providing cleaning supplies,” said Stubbs.

“The government always talking, we need to see actions now.”