Impact tennis academy going into primary schools

Impact tennis academy going into primary schools

The Impact Tennis Academy (ITA) is working with the Ministry of Education to put tennis in every primary school on the island.

(ITA) co-founder Ricardo Demeritte said its initiative is to make tennis a part of the physical education curriculum, which currently only features five sports.

“We are looking to reach out to about 113 schools,” Demeritte said.

“At the primary school level, development is key, so, it’s important to reach out and make them aware of it early.

With the scholarships, these kids will have the opportunity to train at our academy for free. We are currently located at the Balmoral Club and want to get in as much athletes playing the game as we can.”

Yesterday, the academy gave out three full scholarships to attend practice sessions on the weekends.

“Tennis is a really expensive sport, and a lot of people may not have the means to pay for it otherwise,” said ITA co-founder Owen Forbes.

“It is important to allow these kids the opportunity to experience a new sport. You never know who can develop into being the next great player from our country.”