IHOP set to open next week, two more planned by year’s end

IHOP set to open next week, two more planned by year’s end
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NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A Bahamian entrepreneur says that he has “aggressive” plans to introduce an additional two IHOP restaurants on New Providence by the end of 2023, with the anchor location set to open next week.

Burton Rodgers, the IHOP franchise holder for The Bahamas and the Caribbean, told Eyewitness News that 120 jobs have been created through the introduction of the first IHOP restaurant in the region, while adding: “My goal is to make sure it’s done right.”

Burton Rodgers

“Training is happening right now. Most of the staff is hired. We are confident that all of the executive team has done a great job and will be ready to go on Tuesday. I think everyone has done an unbelievable job to get to this point,” Rodgers remarked.

“I’m just really proud of them and all the time and effort they have given over the past year to get to this point. Everyone should be ready and I’m just happy for them and happy to provide a product that Bahamians have fallen in love with over the past years going in and out of the United States and hopefully we deliver a great product.”

He added: “I think we have about 120 persons to start. That number will increase rapidly. We are also looking into three areas; downtown, the western side of the island and the southern side of the island. We are looking at another three locations and we would like two more locations completed by the end of the year. That sounds aggressive but that’s our goal.”

Rodgers said that introducing three more locations could increase IHOP’s employment numbers anywhere from 400 to 600 persons. “The plan is to try and create as many employment opportunities as possible,” he said.

Rodgers noted that the IHOP will eventually offer 24-hour service, as he acknowledged the need to “iron out the kinks first.” 

“To open, we wouldn’t jump straight into 24 hours… I’m a night owl. I’m accustomed to eating after midnight. There are people who eat very early in the morning and a lot of our population consists of shift workers who want a nice, comfortable environment to have a meal and we want to provide that,” said Rodgers.


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