‘I was victimized’, says axed ZNS talk show host

‘I was victimized’, says axed ZNS talk show host
Former talk show host Shenique Miller

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – ZNS talk show host Shenique Miller yesterday said she feels “victimized” after her show was dropped by the Broadcast Corporation of The Bahamas last week.

Miller, who hosts “The Conversation”, said she was only given four days notice that her contract would not be renewed.

She also served as a special assignment correspondent for the corporation.

BCB General Manager Kayleaser Deveaux-Issacs declined comment on the matter yesterday.

Miller has hosted the political and lifestyle show since 2014 – when she previously resigned from the corporation over similar accusations of victimization.

In an interview with Eyewitness News Online, she said: “The reason given to me was the fact that the show was not making any money”.

However, she indicated that this was not reflected in her show’s financial records.

Miller said upon learning of her contract termination, she asked one of the mangers of the corporation – whom she did not identify – to show her an outline of the show’s earnings over the past few months.

She said she was informed that the show made more than $35,000 in 2019.

“I, without and beyond a shadow of a doubt, feel victimized,” Miller continued.

“This is the second time in my career. When I got the call on Sunday evening I said…it sounds like what you are telling me I’ve been through this before. Don’t tell me I am about to have another public scrutiny eyes on me sort of situation.

“It just shocked me.”

Miller further claimed her job was threatened last year.

At the time, she said she was warned to change the show’s direction.

Miller noted that since announcing the termination of her contract she has received mixed reactions from Free National Movement (FNM) supporters.

She said while some have expressed outrage over the move, others have supported the show’s end because it was perceived to be critical of the FNM administration.

Miller insisted however that her show was never used to “beat up on the FNM, the PLP or whoever”.

“I am there to discuss the issues and to give people an opportunity to decide for themselves where they stand on the issue,” she said.

The veteran broadcaster and talk show host noted that the potential of the corporation is being stifled by partisan politics.

“I just feel like ZNS is a wonderful entity, after all it is the foundation of broadcast in The Bahamas and it can be hugely respected,” Miller added.

“ZNS has lost so much in the market share, other media houses have come up and somehow just taken away the allure, the attraction to ZNS.

“But ZNS still stands and ZNS can be the wonderful incredible broadcasting media house that it started out as and I just feel as though given the right opportunity and given a level of freedom it can continue to do that.”


Yes, she and her people blocked me from texting because I asked the FNM young liberals too many questions.

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