Hundreds reach out to Gomez for BPL class action

Hundreds reach out to Gomez for BPL class action

Persistent load shedding has struck NP for months, amid a 40-megawatt generation shortfall

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — An estimated 300 people have signed onto a class action lawsuit seeking damages from Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) for persistent load shedding in New Providence, which they claim has resulted in their suffering in recent.

Attorney Damien Gomez, QC, is leading the class action suit.

Speaking to Eyewitness News, Gomez said, “We are now in a position where we got feedback from hundreds of people.

“I’ve been literally inundated with emails for the last 48 hours. Initially my thoughts were getting a representative body from the unions or [Bahamas] Chamber of Commerce.”

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Gomez invited anyone interested in taking action against BPL to contact him.

“For persons interested in participating in the class action against BPL, BEC, URCA and the government in respect of our claim for damages for the denial of our statutory right to a consistent electricity supply, please email,” read the post, which garnered more than 100 shares.

The post received nearly 50 reactions and just shy of 30 comments.

Facebook user Brent E. Williamson said, “Great. It’s about time; was wondering about the legal minds in this country…”

Sandokhan Cleare also said, “Let’s get with it.”

“I am happy you are doing this because I was looking for a lawyer to take this case,” said Jerad Darville.”

While the majority of users celebrated the move, there were some who questioned the action of the former minister of state for legal affairs.

In response, Gomez said of there were three main reasons for the action: property damage, business loss and emotional distress.

Gomez alleged that the power company has broken the basic guidelines of the country’s Electricity’s Act. He referred to Section 9 of the act which reads: The functions and powers of the corporation are to secure a safe, least cost, reliable and environmentally sustainable supply of electricity within the Bahamas, oversee and monitor the electricity supply system within The Bahamas, establish plans for the modernization and development of the electricity supply system in The Bahamas…”

“I cannot believe that BPL has become so relaxed in its security and its maintenance that a fire would actually break out and [generators] be irreparably damaged, and then later break out into multiple fires,” he said.

“We are still waiting on the report to be made public.

“If they are having insurance issues then that tells me something else because insurance will not pay for damage, they feel they did.”

BPL Chairman Donovan Moxey said last week that there could be a resolution between BPL and the insurance company within a month.

Three fires erupted at the Clifton Pier Power Station last September, damaging significant equipment.

The two downed generators at BPL has resulted in a generation shortfall of 40-megawatts, the primary cause of load shedding.