Nassau Village mourning the deaths of three murdered women

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — House Speaker and Nassau Village MP Halson Moultrie said yesterday his constituency remains in a period of mourning, notwithstanding the Yuletide season.

Moultrie decried the violent murders of three women from Nassau Village in recent months.

“This is a time in our constituency of great ambivalence,” he said.

“We are entering the Christmas season, having just recently experienced the murders of three women in our constituency.

Moultrie added: “In this regard, while we are preparing to celebrate the birthday of Christ, this is also a period of mourning in our constituency.”

Moultrie announced a candlelight vigil on Sunday for the murdered women.

He asked for the nation to keep watch and to pray for the families of those victims.

Gloria Rolle, 58, was bludgeoned to death along with a man in an apartment off Gladstone Road on September 17, 2019.

Authorities said shortly after 4 a.m. police were alerted to the scene “relative to a scream that was coming from one of the apartments”.

At the scene, there was a trail of blood from the hallway of the multi-unit apartment into the clustered bedroom where larger pools of blood covered the floor.

Rolle was the 74th murder victim for 2019.

Kenrika Martin, 17, was found dead behind the well-known Stokes Cabana property on Yamacraw Beach shortly after 7 a.m. on November 27.

She was partially nude, and had blunt wounds to her head consistent with blunt force trauma, as well as abrasions to her neck.

Authorities found the body of Cleo Lockhart, 40, near her home on a dirt road in Nassau Village on December 14.

The speaker expressed gratitude to FOAM founder Candy Gibson, whom he said he met on Tuesday to organize the prayer vigil.

He also advised that Bishop Simeon Hall, former chairman of the National Advisory Council on Crime; Reverend C.B. Moss, executive director of Bahamas Against Crime; and Bishop Walter Hanchell, of Great Commission Ministries, are expected to attend to “contest and meet the challenge of violence, particularly against women in our nation”.