HAI: Hundreds died in Abaco

HAI: Hundreds died in Abaco

Vast majority of residents in The Mudd, Pigeon Peas have status, Ingraham says

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said today that notwithstanding the 50 people confirmed dead to date by authorities in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, based on his understanding hundreds were killed in Abaco alone as a result of the catastrophic storm.

“It is my opinion, the opinion of Hubert Alexander Ingraham, based upon information I have; based on my knowledge and what not, etc. that hundreds of people have died,” the former member of Parliament for North Abaco said. “I pay no attention to 50. I said I pay no attention to it. I speak for myself on the hundreds. I do not make wild statements. I do not make uninformed statements.”

While the confirmed number of dead stands at 50, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said that figure is expected to rise significantly. Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands has also said the final death toll will be “staggering”.

During a joint press conference with former Prime Minister Perry Christie at Odyssey Aviation following a tour of Abaco, Ingraham was asked if The Bahamas was facing an unprecedent chapter in its history with thousands displaced and a rising death toll.

“We have not had devastation of this size before. Abaco has a significant population, so does Grand Bahama. We are not accustomed to having substantial deaths during hurricanes in The Bahamas. They have generally speaking been very low numbers; single digit at most. Whereas in this case, hundreds of people have died in Abaco and significant numbers in Grand Bahama.”

Ingraham also asserted that there is a grave misconception that majority of the dead are undocumented migrants.

“One of the points about Abaco; the criticism I’ve heard is that many of the persons who died are Haitian nationals,” Ingraham said. “Many of them are of Haitian descent, who are Bahamian citizens or who are lawful residents. That’s another point I want to make; don’t buy into the story that the shantytown of The Mudd and Pigeon was illegal immigrants. The vast majority of residents there were lawful residents of The Bahamas — either lawful residents as a result of being citizens or as a result of having legal status in The Bahamas.

“And so, having taken that into account, the reality is that if they had been spoken to in a language — I am told, from the criticisms that they better understand Creole; that more of them may well have sought shelter from the places that they were in, in the shantytown. That is one of the things that some people have said that did not happen, that ought to have happened, apart from the fact that some of those who did not have status would have been fearful about going in and would have needed to be assured by people that they would be safe from arrest and what not etc.

“But the vast majority of the residents in The Mudd and Pigeon Pea had legal status in The Bahamas.”

Both former prime ministers said they were deeply grieved over the loss of life and the “horrific circumstances” residents have been left in.


Can’t imagine how terrifying that was to live through. The devastation there looks incredible, and wow, such a huge loss of life. Animals too. Obviously illegal or otherwise doesn’t matter, hopefully the world can work together to help.

let’s hope that all these Aid organizations get together and send help to this devastated Island. Unspeakable what these people have had to endure.

It is time for healing. To best heal those hurt, injured, wounded and traumatized they need our help. Humane help. Compassion based help. It is appalling and disconcerting to me that the president of the United States of America, representing the people of America, has chosen to take such a hands off approach to such a catastrophe that is only 60 miles away from our nation.

What has happen to key thoughts such as “Do on to others as you would have them do on to you.” or “Love thy neighbor?”.

Offensively defensive biased and racially motivated claims of those crimnally minded and oriented using such a catastrophe as a way to surge into our borders and plummel our land – There is nothing further from the truth. I am ashamed of us as a nation for having our president make such a callous and unfounded, undocumented and judgemental statement.

We need a leader who’s goals and ideals are compassion based with authentic, realistic perspectives and a mindfullness to understand that when a once in a hundred year catastrophe happens 60 miles away from our country – lives and time and effort will be saved and life will be improved for all when our country as one, gives from its heart to help its neighbor, to help those in serious need of help.

We need such actions from our president for our nation to be for the people and by the people. Our neighbors are people too and with our help we will all be better people.

I hope Goverments of the other Caribbean Islands took heed of what took place in the Bahamas n are taking the necessary steps to build better n take care of its citizens so when whoever times comes the loss of death will B limited.

Hands off, are you serious the next day we had helicopters in there rescuing people and sending aid over

SERIOUSLY?? You are not familiar with the 720 islands that make up the beautiful Bahamas. There is NO place to evacuate to. The most wonderful people you will ever meet!

Wow! I didn’t realize a person could demonstrate such ignorance in two short sentences. Firstly, it is Bahamian, not Bohemian. Secondly, how exactly would you plan to evacuate thousands of people with little notice from an island. And where would you take them, a neighboring island?

This so sad for a beautiful collection of Islands. All I can do is hope and pray for all of the good people of the Bahamas. God Bless you, and may god be close to you.

Let’s we the Bahamian government put some of those billions they have stockpiled from their people. Be interested to see a list of rich Bahamian People, and officials, who donate to their own people.
Hearts to all the locals who suffer.

Its a real trump situation and i pray for all of us because we as human beings have this man as a leader . and i pray for a man of god to be put in that position and with that kind of authority father let that man look to you for guidence in all before taking action father have your way in this situation with devistation my god here these people cry father in the name of jesus AMEN AMEN

How the Hell is Trump responsible for any of this the US was on the ground in the hardest hit areas lifting people to hospitals you liberals are pathitic

@ dan mclain calling “liberals” pathetic which you spelled wrong the word pathetic is pathetic on your part you act as though some liberal saying something you dont like reflects the views of all liberals. Secondly its extremely sad that Republicans continued foul language toward dems liberals and anybody else that dont agree with them continues to be acceptable. Like Republicans support the biggest liar this world has ever seen. The man lies, cheat, verbally abuse anyone who doesnt agree with him followed by more lying it never ends. Basically Republicans have no business looking down on anyone supporting trump and that GOD awful party.. like how Republicans let Russians, and the NRA tell them what to do. Or how north Carolina party pulled that stunt on 9/11 the other day claiming there wouldnt be a vote that day because it was 9/11 dems went to honor the victims while the Republicans snuck back to the chambers to vote secretly without the dems.. thats shameful doesnt matter how you feel about dems they were elected by the people of that state and for Republicans representative to pull a stunt like that is very unamerican.

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