High gusts force outages in New Providence

High gusts force outages in New Providence

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bahamas Power and Light has advised that high hurricane gusts and trees have forced outages in New Providence due to damage to overhead lines and associated equipment.

Customers in hurricane contingency level one areas remain offline, according to BPL in a statement.

Contingency level one areas affected include: Sea Breeze, South Beach Estates, Sans Souci, Skyline Heights, Sandford Drive, Imperial Park, Grove West Bay, Orange Hill, and the Eastern Road.

The following feeders were tripped offline due to hurricane gusts and trees: Cpps- Skyline 132kv, Ernest Street #1, Carmichael West, Fire trail, JFK, JFK Airport Exit, Wulff Road O/H, Caribbean Gas, Spanse Investments, Village Road O/H, South Beach Estates East & West, Church Hill, Yamacraw West.

The statement read: “The following areas, not visible to system control automation, are offline: Providence Ave, portions of Bacardi Road, East Street South & Bougainvillea, Skyline, Prospect North, Prospect pumping station, Imperial Park and all areas in Sea Breeze, Soldier Rd. & Nassau Village, Adam St, Carmichael & Lazaretta Road, Horthone Rd. Hay Street and side streets south West to Quackoo Street, Orange Hill, Sea View, Skyline Heights, Kent Ave, and Nassau East Blvd.

It added: “Please note that other pockets/areas may be impacted by blown fuses, downed lines, etc. which may not be visible from the control center. The winds have also exceeded safe working level; therefore, response will be limited. Power will be restored to these areas once it is safe to do so.”