Hield set to host Hope 24 basketball clinic

Buddy Hield is in Nassau this week hosting the Hope 24 basketball clinic.

The event will feature 24 of the country’s premier high school players, who will work closely with Hield whose entering his fifth season in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

For Hield, he feels it is important to come back to The Bahamas and pass his knowledge of the game to the younger athletes.

“The idea for this version of the camp came from watching YouTube, and seeing all of these camps going on and wondering why we don’t have one of these yet,” Hield said about the event. “At the moment, it’s not NCAA certified, but we hope that one day we can make it a place where scouts come and watch basketball. We just want to work to give these guys a sign of hope and exposure. Bahamas basketball is trending upward right now. We have guys signing to major NCAA Division I schools, and we just had Deandre Ayton become the top pick in the NBA Draft. So, we just hope that we can keep the trend going.”