HG Christie documentary highlights local real estate pioneer

HG Christie documentary highlights local real estate pioneer

NASSAU, BAHAMAS —s — Last week, the Island House Cinema in New Providence hosted the documentary ‘Vision’ by HG Christie, directed by renowned Bahamian Director Kareem Mortimer. The film, which highlights the pivotal role played by Sir Harold Christie in Bahamian real estate and tourism, premiered to a private audience in November 2022.

Despite facing challenges posed by widespread Covid-19 restrictions, Mortimer and his crew showcased an unwavering commitment to the project over the two years spent working on the documentary.

“We could not have anticipated the incredible reception the film has received,” said CEO John Christie. “Sir Harold Christie is a unique figure in Bahamian history. His story is one of a true Bahamian pioneer in both real estate and tourism. The fact that audiences have embraced the film so enthusiastically is truly heartening.”

The documentary has already impressed a number of viewers, earning it a prominent spot among numerous regional and international films featured during the Island House Film Festival in April.

Following its success at the festival, the documentary had additional screenings on May 11th and 12th, with a matinee on Saturday. The screenings drew large crowds, prompting Island House to extend the film’s run for evening showings on Saturday and Sunday.

Duane Pierce, one of the viewers, remarked: “I felt the movie was very informative. I was able to learn a lot about Bahamian history, especially the history of Cat Island, where Mr. Christie had a significant influence. It increased my knowledge of the fact that we have many icons from every island, and I feel that knowing this has improved my understanding of the country in general.”

For Rory Major, the film offered new insights into the widely respected HGC brand.

“To actually see the impact of Sir Harold and the involvement he had in the development of so many things was incredible,” he explained. “I would absolutely recommend it.”