Health officials urge public to get flu vaccination

Health officials urge public to get flu vaccination
Chief Medical Officer Dr Pearl McMillan (file photo)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Health officials are strongly encouraging individuals to take the annual flu vaccine in anticipation of the upcoming Fall flu season.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Pearl McMillian said yesterday that the vaccine is expected to be in-country by late September and urged Bahamians and residents to take advantage of the free shot made available by the Ministry of Health.

“We certainly strongly encourage that individuals actually avail themselves to the flu vaccine given that there is proven benefit in actually getting the vaccine,” McMillian said, when asked about concerns of health officials managing the coronavirus spread and the flu simultaneously.

“Over some years now we have had a challenge with uptake, but I think it’s absolutely important, urgent, necessary for persons to avail themselves of the flu vaccine in great part because we are moving into the Fall where COVID-19 will be among us.

“We will make it available and we will seek to have persons avail themselves of that flu vaccine.”

In November last year, then Health Minister Dr Duane Sands reported that the ministry had observed an increase in the number of reported flu cases in The Bahamas.

At the time, Sands recommended getting the vaccination before flu activity increases as the best strategy for preventing the illness and its complications.


All govt. officials should be the test dummies of any vaccinations proposed to the general public !

If our “leader” was wise or for the people or the betterment of this great country he would do what Tanzania’s President did! Both with medical backgrounds; just one with back bone morals &principals!

Studies have shown that the flu/influenza vaccine increases one’s chance of contracting the Coronavirus by one-third percent. Research the study done by the Department of Defense.

Buddy I am not taking that flu vaccine nor am I taking my child for any more vaccinations. I honestly believe there is a hidden agenda behind this. I believe that if you get the flu vaccination, it will increase your chances of contracting coronavirus. Thanks but no thanks.

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