Health minister warns to expect more COVID deaths, 69 new cases confirmed

Health minister warns to expect more COVID deaths, 69 new cases confirmed

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Health minister Renward Wells today warned the country to brace for more COVID-19 deaths as he confirmed 69 new cases of COVID-19.

The total number of cases now stands at 830.

There are 719 active cases, including 30 hospitalized.

Breakdown of active cases by island (Ministry of Health)

Wells said 95 individuals have recovered, with 91 of those cases from the initial surge.

There are 583 quarantined individuals currently being monitored by Hubbcat App.

“We continue to pray for the minimal loss of life but we have lost 14 souls to COVID-19, three during this surge,” he said.

“With increasing hospitalization the country must brace itself to experience more deaths from COVID-19.”

Wells said causes of death must be, and have been, verified by autopsy.

During an update, the health minister said the country has approached its COVID-19 battle handicapped, pointing to longstanding challenges in the healthcare system.

Wells thanked healthcare workers for their efforts, adding their frustrations have not “fallen by the wayside”.

He said the government has secured a place for healthcare workers to rest or quarantine in a safe environment where they will not put their families at risk.


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