HATE CRIME?: American transgender woman takes legal action after allegedly being attacked

HATE CRIME?: American transgender woman takes legal action after allegedly being attacked

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — An American transgender woman is taking legal action against a local nightclub on West Bay Street after she was reportedly brutally beaten by five men on Saturday night.

According to her attorney, Mark Symonette-Rolle, she was visiting The Bahamas for her 26th birthday when the incident occurred.

The victim claims that when she was at the club, she was approached by the owner who offered her a job and to buy her a drink.

She alleges that a female employee then approached the owner to ‘inform’ him that he was talking to a man who looked like a woman.

The American visitor alleges that a fight then ensued after she was forcibly removed from the club.

About Tyler Symonette

Tyler Symonette is a Broadcast Reporter at Eyewitness News.


So y’all reporting this woke nonsense. That is a man, not a woman. Why is this gay man prretending to be a woman and trying to engage heterosexual men. Stop affirming this mentally unstable person’s delusions.

Violence is never okay no matter the circumstances. Putting blame onto somebody who was attacked makes you look hateful, as well as our country

Based on the sexual offenses and domestic violence act:

Indecent assault.

17 (b) does anything to any other person with the consent of that other person which, but for such consent, would be an indecent assault, such consent being obtained by FALSE and FRAUDULENT REPRESENTATION as to the nature and quality of the act, “

It said that she was approached by the club owner, not that she pursued him. The club owner gave unsolicited comments and was mad when he heard she was trans. Her simply existing is not a cause for violence. Stop being small-minded

I was there. That Trans woman came alone, insulated every staff member, was asked to leave and assaulted the security card who tried to be gentle because it was a woman. She kept trying to hit him and knee him in the grown. They have video evidence! She sent the guard to the hospital after throwing a bottle at his eye. EWnews should be ashamed to post a lie about this incident without getting the facts straight. Even a off duty police officer was there and called the police himself.

Attempts to get international news coverage for American media and politicians to push their agenda on an independent nation. Professional victimhood is the name of the game for many of our unstable neighbors to the North. Create drama, provoke an incident, then go after ratings and money using catch phrases and so-called trigger words, wait for the USA Travel Warming to be issued to try to scare our politicians into bowing to our masters to the north.

As a country who’s major industry is tourism, we have no choice but to listen when a tourist has a bad experience here. Whether or not they’re “pushing an agenda”, tourism is about making money. When people believe that we are hateful and bigoted they stop visiting and we stop making money. It wouldn’t be the first time we sacrificed “culture” for the sake of tourism.

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