Hanna Martin: House Speaker peverse!

Glenys Hanna Martin.

Englerston MP, Glenys Hanna Martin, says House Speaker, Halson Moultrie, was perverse in naming and suspending her from the House of Assembly last week. While the speaker did not indicate a timeline for the suspension,Hanna Martin, during a press conference at The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Headquarters Sunday, said she plans to return to the House when it reopens on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

PLP Leader, Phillip “Brave” Davis, says the party views the suspension “null and void” as it goes against Rule 88 of Parliament.

“The party recognizes that the Speaker of the House has a supervisory jurisdiction over the House and we also recognize the need for public decorum,” Davis said. “However, the House is not a classroom. It is the High Court of parliament and it is the freest forum in the country. It is so free that the constitution provides and protects freedom of speech and arrest.

“The member will not be silenced. He (speaker), in making the ruling that he has, also denied the voice of the people Englerston and this is, therefore, a serious matter.”

During the last session of the House, Hanna Martin attempted to correct a “mis-characterization” of her actions by the speaker when she highlighted the issue of two women that were reportedly fired from the Exuma International Airport.

Moultrie indicated during his investigation he viewed her behavior in previous house sessions from ZNS file tapes. This according to Hanna Martin went against the rules of Parliament.

“He went outside the official records of Parliament,” she said. “I’ve never seen that… I was more shocked that anything else. He also castigated the staff of the House of Assembly… and he would not allow me to see what he claims he had found or give me an opportunity to defend myself.”

Meanwhile Davis believes the matter turned personal at that point.

“I am constrained to say that it appears that it is the penchant for all FNM speakers, it seems, to be troubled by Hanna Martin’s advocacy,” he voiced.

Davis said they all will return to Parliament on Wednesday and he hopes to meet with Moultrie before that to avoid any “inappropriate” behavior or “shaming” of his parliamentary colleague.

Attempts to reach Moultrie for comment were unsuccessful up to press time.