Hanna-Martin rejects Wells’ General Post Office claims

Hanna-Martin rejects Wells’ General Post Office claims
Englerston MP Glenys-Hanna Martin speaks in the House of Assembly. (FILE Photo by Torrell Glinton)

Opposition still considering judicial review of resolution

Englerston MP Glenys Hanna-Martin yesterday refuted claims by Minister of Transport and Local Government Renward Wells that the Christie administration felt the Town Centre Mall was the best place for the relocation of the General Post Office.

“We did not agree it was in the right place,” Hanna Martin told Eyewitness News.

Outside the Churchill Building Tuesday, Wells questioned the opposition’s stance against the location of the General Post Office, claiming the former administration agreed it was the best place; so much so, that it entered into an agreement with the owner of the Independence Shopping Center, just across the street.

Yesterday, Hanna-Martin said while the Town Centre Mall was previously considered, the former administration “ultimately decided not to put it in that place.”

She pointed out that the former government entered into a public private partnership with the owner of the Independence Shopping Center, which would have involved, “the construction of a signature post office building, uniquely designed for the post office, which included a cafeteria and a nursery for workers with small children”.

Shortly after the Minnis administration assumed office, the project, which was underway, was stopped, Hanna-Martin pointed out.

The owner, Scott Godet, has taken legal action against the government.

Meanwhile, Hanna-Martin again dismissed Wells’ assertions that there were structural defects in the Phil’s Food Services Building, which the Minnis administration claimed would been a financial burden to renovate.

“I hear now the minister saying the electrical stuff were structural defects,” she said.

“Well the engineering report laid by the opposition show clearly there were no such defects.”

During debate in the House on the resolution to move the General Post Office to the Town Centre Mall, Hanna-Martin tabled an engineering report prepared by McACE Technical Services Ltd. that stated Phil’s Food Services building had no structural concerns.

Despite the report’s findings, Wells said the damage to the building was extensive. The opposition has said it is considering seeking a judicial review on the resolution, but it remains to be seen if it pursues that move.