GUN FIGHT: Police kill man, injure another in attempted armed robbery

GUN FIGHT: Police kill man, injure another in attempted armed robbery
Bullet riddled vehicle operated by suspects, one of whom was fatally shot by officers.

Two suspects attempted to rob RBC on Mackey St.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Police shot and killed a man and injured another on Mackey Street after one of the men opened fire at officers during an attempted armed robbery of Royal Bank of Canada Monday morning.

Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash did not confirm which establishment the men sought to rob.

The incident took place around 9 am on a side street opposite Pinder’s Custom Brokerage Ltd.

According to Cash, officers responding to reports of the armed robbery found the vehicle matching the profile with two men inside.

When the officers approached the vehicle, the men, one of whom was armed, exited and began shooting at police, Cash said.

Cash said the officers, being in fear for their lives, returned fire and shot both men.

One died on scene, while the other transported to hospital.

His condition was unknown.

Officers were not injured as a result of the exchange of gunfire.

Cash said a firearm was recovered from the scene.

He also said a third individual was suspected to have been involved in the attempted armed robbery, but he did say in what capacity.

Cash noted that while two officers were in plain clothes they identified themselves as police officers as they approached the vehicle.

Mackey Street south was cordoned when Eyewitness News arrived on scene.

A black Honda operated by the suspects was riddled with bullets.

There has been a spate of armed robberies and heists of major establishments, including John Bull’s Rolex Boutique in the Atlantis resort, in recent months.

Cash said these incidents are cause for concern for authorities.

“I can tell you we are relentless in what we do,” he told reporters at the scene.

“We are currently investigating several of those matters.

“As a matter of fact, we can say to you that we have already identified several possible suspects who are on the run.

“As you know, we released several flyers to the media and we are hoping and asking members of the public to help us in locating these suspects.”

According to Cash, police intelligence also suggests there are several armed robbery rings operating.

“We have identified several of these rings,” he said.

“Like I said earlier, we have already produced several flyers that we gave to the media, asking the public to assist us in identifying these persons.”

Responding to questions about the safety of civilians during incidents involving and exchange of gunfire, Cash reminded members of the public to not involve themselves when officers are observed engaging suspects.

He said officers will seek to neutralize any threat as quickly as possible, but suspects seeking to evade officers could seek to harm civilians.

“Who knows; when we deal with suspected persons, sometimes in the process of them trying to evade law enforcement, they just might open fire to prevent us from capturing them,” he said.

“So, we will ask members of the public not to engage themselves when they see police actively [involved in an] investigation.”

Cash added that police have increased patrols and surveillance of shopping plazas, banks and other financial institutions and establishments in response recent crimes.