Groundbreaking documentary on gender inequality enjoys successful premiere

Groundbreaking documentary on gender inequality enjoys successful premiere

NASSAU, The Bahamas – The Groundbreaking Documentary on Gender Inequality in The Bahamas is garnering tremendous support from a successful premiere and is stimulating conscious dialogue, national discussion, and broad-based advocacy.

Since the Premiere Showing in April, screens across New Providence and Grand Bahama will simultaneously feature the film May 20-24, in almost sold-out venues.

The story began two years ago, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when a group of 10 Bahamian women got together via Zoom and decided to create a documentary that explores the impact of gender inequality in The Bahamas. 

Titled “Two-Faced: Gender Inequality in The Bahamas”, the film takes an in-depth look at The Bahamas Constitution that enshrines gender inequality and examines the ways in which that grounding has impacted the lack of female representation in Parliament, Marital Rape, Gender-Based Violence, and equal work for equal pay. 

The film is driven by the personal stories of women whose lives have been directly impacted by gender inequality.

This groundbreaking documentary premiered in New Providence on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, at 7 pm at Fusion Superplex on Gladstone Road. A sneak preview was held at The Island House Film Festival on Saturday, April 15, 2023. 

Broadcast journalist and TV show host Julian Reid said this: “All Bahamian men should see Gina Rodgers-Sealy’s documentary. It is extremely powerful and emotive. More importantly, it highlights how crucial it is to treat all people equally if we hope to get the level of respect that we all deserve as human beings.”

Senator Maxine Seymour had this to say: “In The Bahamas, gender inequality is real. Thanks to Gina Rodgers-Sealy, producer, and her team, viewers have the opportunity to reflect on the bias that exists in our country’s constitution and how it impacts the lives of women who call this paradise home.

“I was privileged to attend the premiere of Rodgers-Sealy’s new independent documentary film, ‘Two-Faced: Gender Inequality in The Bahamas’, on Wednesday evening (26th) at Fusion Superplex. It gave me much ‘food for thought’ as a citizen of our great Commonwealth.”

This groundbreaking documentary features interviews with a diverse group of men and women who hold firm views on the matter. They are Marion Bethel, Alicia Wallace, Alexus Mya Royale D’Marco, Erin Greene, Fran Dillet, Gaynell Curry, Jewel Edwards, Ashleigh Sean Rolle, Lavita Thurston, Davantae McCartney, Cindy Godet, Alexis El Quasimi, Ed Fields, and Professor Ian Strachan Ph.D.

Gina Rodgers-Sealy, Marion Bethel, Erica Moiah James, PhD, Patrice Thompson, and Alicia Wallace produced the documentary. Associate producers are Nadine Thomas-Brown and Lindsay Thompson. The script editor is Dr James, the director of photography is Ilka Rodgers, with Agatha Christie on the second camera, and the video editors are Edwina Maynard and Kevin Taylor. Consulting producer Nicolette Bethel Ph.D. and musician/composer and singer Keysha Edwards-Taylor are also part of the production team.

According to Mrs Rodgers-Sealy, who is also the director and writer of the documentary, what was initially a “passion project” evolved into an 80-minute independent documentary that delves into the ways in which gender inequality has impeded the development and growth of The Bahamas. 

“With the 50th year of Bahamian Independence upon us, the film asks the country to reflect on how gender inequality has affected and continues to impact the nation and considers a path forward,” she said.

Keysha Edwards-Taylor, musician/composer, and singer for the documentary’s theme song shared her Inspiration and vision for it, saying, “A woman’s strength is to endure what she faces, and her voice should be heard, and the impact of that voice felt.”

Alicia Wallace, Director of Equality Bahamas, said, “I hope that this documentary will give insight into the work that has been done in recent years, the impact gender inequality and gender-based violence against women and girls have had, especially on people in situations of vulnerability, the tasks ahead of us, the need for more people to engage in feminist advocacy to transform systems and the world we live in.”

Marion Bethel, Attorney-at-Law and long-time advocate of rights for women and girls praised the documentary for making a bold intervention in the journey toward gender equality. “These are the issues that require our attention and redress. All of us are called upon to participate as citizens to create the social environment where human dignity and respect and fulfillment of our human rights are a reality,” she said.

Two-Faced: Gender Inequality in The Bahamas is a significant and timely film that is sure to spark conversations about gender inequality and the path forward for The Bahamas. 

Everyone is encouraged to see this documentary, from high school students through to university students and the general public to create a sustained feminist women’s movement in the country that can make a tipping point for social change, for the transformation of structures and systems that keep us stuck, fearful, and hateful, and for the deepening of our democracy.