Grandmother reports the death of her 8-year-old grandson



My heart goes out to you….am praying for you and for your family and for your granddaughter to be found safe.

Jouning my prayers from California that the little girl is found safe! Please extend condolences to the grieving grandmother – she shows great strength is speaking to you during this unhappy time. As a grandmother myself, my heart aches for her. ??

My heart goes out to this Precious Family. Please know my prayers are with you all, Sincerely! I pray that God comforts each and everyone of you and He lays his loving comforting hands on you. May he diligently find your Precious granddaughter safe from harm. This is such a tragedy, and I’m sure your hearts are completely broken. Your interview on your local news truly showed your bravery and strength. I live on the coast of South Carolina. May God bring all of you comfort my dear family.

This is so incredibly sad. My heart goes out to this family at this time of tremendous pain at heartbreak. I’m so sad for all those affected by hurricane Dorian.

My heart is broken, all the videos and voices of HELP, in Clearwater FL, I don’t have much money but anything I can do I will. I’m so sad for this family and all of Bahamas, this has really made me see what truly matters in life!! I’m so,so sorry for your loss and all of Bahamas losses its gonna take time to recover, please,please know that people truly do care about the situation there and many of our hearts are sad and heavy during this time of sadness.

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