Grand Lucayan owners hold on to insurance money

Had Grand Lucayan hotel owners Hutchinson Whampoa reinvested the insurance monies it received into the property following the 2016 hurricanes, the resort might have remained open.   That, according to Tourism Minister Dioniso D’agular who stated on Wednesday that government remains optimistic that partnerships that once existed with the Memories Resort at Our Lucaya including the Sunwing group, may be re-established.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Phillip Davis is condemning the government for spending $10 million on the hotel without a concrete plan or knowing just how much renovations will cost or a timeline for when the hotel will open.


Am sure that the government collected insurance monies for the Lighthouse Marina in Fresh Creek Andros after the hurricane damaged the property and they didn’t invest one cent back into it to reopen the people did exactly what they did with their monies.

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