Grand Bahama Power working on ‘innovative’ renewable energy solutions

Grand Bahama Power working on ‘innovative’ renewable energy solutions

NASSAU, BAHAMAS -The Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) said yesterday that it is working on innovative renewable energy solutions to repower East Grand Bahama having safely restored power to 90 per cent of customers following the passing of Hurricane Dorian in early September.

The GBPC said in a statement yesterday, “With 80 linemen from GBPC, Tampa Electric – our Emera affiliate and a compliment of local and off island contractors the first wave of customers was restored less than a week following the passing of Hurricane Dorian.”

It added, “GBPC’s tested and tried emergency storm response plan allows the company to be prepared for events such as this. While the northern and eastern ends of the island sustained unprecedented flooding and damages as a result of Hurricane Dorian, GBPC was able to focus restoration efforts on areas that were not as adversely impacted and quickly yield results.

“Our emergency response plan and drill allowed us to be one step ahead of the storm”, explains Nikita Mullings, Director of Customer Operations. “Our teams worked to ensure that inventory levels were stocked and 30+ staff rode out the storm at our generation and T&D locations to ensure that we were able to respond immediately following the passing of the storm.”

The power company noted that it was not immune to the impacts of Hurricane Dorian. “The storm flooded the Peel St. Generating plant which accounts for over 40MW of capacity, a number of critical substations and 70 plus vehicles that were submerged. The Energy Team is working relentlessly to bring our generation capacity back to normal levels. As we assess equipment impacted by floodwaters, GBPC has procured supplemental generation assets to ensure that impacts to customers are minimized as a result of the unavailability of the PSP engines.”

The company noted that restoration continues, with a significant number of customers still working to remediate their homes and businesses from flood and structural damage. “GBPC continues to work with GBPA and the Ministry of Works to safely restore power to customers as their premises are deemed safe to restore. GBPC is also working on innovative renewable energy solutions to repower East Grand Bahama as people there rebuild their homes and lives. GBPC’s continued commitment to exceptional customer service has one again shown through in the aftermath of Dorian,” the company said.