Govt. to release debt-lowering report

Govt. to release debt-lowering report

The government is preparing to release a “report” which will update the public on its on-going efforts to lower the country’s debt.

“In another week or two at the most, we will put out this detailed report on exactly how we have been performing to date,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest on Tuesday.

“We had promised when we did the budget in December that we would make regular reports to the Bahamian people in terms of how we are performing, in terms of the collection of revenue, and how we have spent that money to ensure that we keep them fully abreast with how we are meeting our commitment.”

The finance minister said the government recognized that the budget asked for some sacrifices from the Bahamian people and they want to make sure that they stay true to their promise.

According to Turnquest, the report will detail what the government has collected and how the money was spent, including the liquidation of some of the past expenses.

Turnquest told media that the government is satisfied at the moment with the progress that they have been making and they are on track to meet their objective.


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