Govt. to implement new parametres for contracts

Govt. to implement new parametres for contracts
Minister of Works Desmond Bannister speaking to members of the press outside Cabinet.

The Ministry of Works is overhauling its contractor database and implementing new pre-qualification parametres for contracts, according to Works Minister Desmond Bannister on Wednesday.

The announcement made yesterday in the House of Assembly (HOA), according to Bannister, will allow the ministry to better select qualified candidates for projects being offered by Public Works.

Contractors will now have to supply information about their identity, company structure, finance management, technical performance and category of work desired.

Categories include:

  • civil engineering
  • marine structures
  • road and airport construction
  •  building construction
  •  painting works
  • landscaping
  • electrical works
  • air conditioning works and
  • plumbing works

Work value is split into the following brackets:

  • zero to $49,999
  • $50,000 – $249,999
  • $250,000 – $999,999
  • $1 million and over

According to Bannister, companies looking to enter the highest bracket will be asked to “provide details of audited accounts for the last three years, showing revenue, cost of sales, gross profit, net profit and a full balanced sheet with current and fixed assets and liabilities with accompanying notes”.

Resumes for key personnel along with details about prosecutions, loss of life or serious injury in the last three years will also be mandatory. A history of construction contracts, a reference from a former employer, business license information, a bank reference letter, value-added tax registration certificate, copy of health and safety plan and an organisation plan are also required.

Bannister said weight will be given to a contractor’s technical performance and experience.