Govt. releases COVID-19 Food Shopping Schedule

Govt. releases COVID-19 Food Shopping Schedule

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Office of the Prime Minister has released the COVID-19 Food Shopping Schedule with country-wide restrictions to take effect tomorrow.

The schedule advised each household should identify a single shopper, with individuals required to provide photo identification to show proof of last name.

Adults with the last name beginning A through F will be allowed to enter food stores to shop on:

• Mondays: 6am to 12pm

• Wednesdays: 6am to 12 pm

• Thursdays: 1pm to 7pm

Adults with the last name beginning G through O will be allowed to enter food stores to shop on:

• Mondays: 1pm to 7pm

• Wednesdays: 1pm to 7pm

• Fridays: 6am to 12pm

Adults with the last name beginning P through Z will be allowed to enter food stores to shop on:

• Tuesdays: 1pm to 7pm

• Fridays: 1pm to 7pm

• Thursdays: 6am to 12pm

“Special provisions have been made for individuals 60 years of age and older and persons with disabilities,” the statement continued.

“Senior citizens and persons with disabilities may shop on Tuesdays from 6am to 12pm; however, persons in these categories may also choose to shop on the day assigned to their last name.”

Minnis is expected to provide additional details on the national response to COVID-19 when the House of Assembly meets at 10am tomorrow.


How can a person do such a thing knowin that people has kids and no food is in there home how do u expect persons to carry on with these stupid rules people havent worked in weeks some people dont have bank accounts lik others how do u wan us to survive huh!?ok well let me tell u how u wan us survive u want us to start robbing and taking other people stuff to support our hungry children right weres ur heart mr minnis were is ur love for us ur people now u want to exstand this bloody damm no good god forbidden curfew again!?on us seriously watch u start ay riet amongst the bahamain people if my kids cant eat u will c me act honestly for those with kids will kno how im feelin right now im fedup highly i cant work im angry as hell my kids cant eat everything under ground will starr walkin this earth if nothing changes soon i promise we are really in need of support how can we get that and everybody lock down lik gold fishes in one big bowl da hell yo do something please do something im from eleuthera and im not them type of people tgat u can take lightly believe me i kno y i say that to

Wow. I feel so sorry for this lady, but I cannot condone any criminal actions. God will provide. I admire the Prime Minister for the quick action in shutting down the country, to allow for containment of COVID-19. As far as jobs are concern, I think some companies are using this time to lay persons off. This virus, is all about distabilization. The greed of men. The pompus attitude of the rich, trying to put themselves in a position where they feel superior. But God has a plan, and Hus pkan is the best one. Persons should have ensured that they had enough food in the house for their children. This shut down came into effect 8pm Friday. Common sense thinking should have been to prepare for more thank just the weekend. This is bigger than the pm. Resl talk

While I have your ear, question how can government borne companies (contract management of foreign management), govern by a government board decide to cut staff salaries, by 40%, of permanent staff. Or ask them to give up vacation to get 100%. Where is staff recourse?

You sound like a government worker with more concern for pay cut than you do about people being able to feed themselves and their families. A shopping schedule? Come on now you know better. For example I get paid once a month and on the 7th of the month, my last name begins with M now did I have any control over being able to stock up food supplies by 8pm Friday which just past. Another point is I’ve only been out my house to go to the grocery store since all these restrictions have been put in place and I didn’t see any unnecessary gatherings that would be responsible for widespread of disease. If you want to scrutinize spreading this disease look at all the eating places you still allow to operate I don’t believe Kentucky fried chicken and Wendy’s are essential to life at this time. Personally I wouldn’t want somebody standing over no food with or without a mask at this time. In humblest opinion no food schedule is going to stop the spread of any virus because just as many people will still be on the road spreading whatever germs that may be spread. I think the biggest thing the government needs to do is leave as much normalcy in place as possible and focus their efforts on looking to be a first country to breakthrough with some form of vaccination, but of course that will never be the concern of this government because they are selfish uninformed and unprepared to lead us out of this

@Virginia Jones-Strapp lets not to forget to factor in persons that are living from salary to salary, the persons who operate small businesses that were shut down and still not received NIB, the persons that were laid off from various hotels and still no salary nor NIB…some persons may have already exhausted all the funds they would have had (rent, may only be able to afford a weekend’s worth of groceries, etc)…when we comment we need to be mindful of every situation that may be encountered…not because that is your opinion makes it 100% correct and your situation doesn’t always extend to others…don’t just look at things from your point of view because there are persons that literally were suffering before COVID-19 and were fighting like hell to make ends meet but struggled anyway and this pandemic doesn’t make it easier for them…and then there were folks that were able to make ends meet but just enough and not catch an aneurysm thinking and stressing..and then there were and still are folks that were/are able to breeze on by with no worries nor concerns…the harsh realoity is that life is still expected to go on with the pandemic of COVID-19, and somehow we neglect the fact that others are suffering on a whole different level from us…before making a statement like ” This shut down came into effect 8pm Friday. Common sense thinking should have been to prepare for more thank just the weekend. This is bigger than the pm. Resl talk”, try to understand why persons feel the way they do about the situation…that is where the word “humane” comes into context…let’s try to be “HUMANE” with a dash of sensitivity to the struggle of others. Furthermore, a %40 cut and receiving %60 of your wages is far more for you than persons that are receiving %0…and then still have to go on with life normally with %0 of income and BPL is still asking persons to bring their accounts up to date or risk disconnection, not just your kids being hungry but your kids/spouse/parent(s)/siblings, etc, and the landlord still expect full payment on the due date…let’s also factor in late fee if you can’t make your rent/mortgage payments…now we have homeless and hungry falling into play…where do you really think crime is going to go with this pandemic??? on a national and international scale?…i sympathize with everyone’s struggle because their struggle isn’t mines and mines isn’t theirs…remember the old saying, “when you think you have it bad, look down the road ‘cuz someone else have it worse than you”…so i respect your opinion but i cannot agree with a lot of the points you made

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