Govt. names members of Oban renegotiation team

Govt. names members of Oban renegotiation team

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Labour minister Dion Foulkes, on Tuesday identified members of government’s renegotiating team who will chart the way forward for a new deal with Oban Energies, the company that signed a controversial heads of agreement with the government to develop a multibillion-dollar oil refinery and storage facility in East Grand Bahama.

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“From the government’s side is consultant consul in the attorney general’s office Mr. Lauren Klien and there are five other additional members of his committee. The head negotiator for Oban is Mr. Alexander Crikeetus,” Foulkes shared.

Foulkes said that government expects this new negotiating team to achieve what is best for Grand Bahamians.

It’s been almost one year to the date government initially announced the controversial Oban deal to Bahamians, and after admitting to a number of missteps in the entire saga; government is now ready to move ahead with renegotiating the deal.

“Government is adamant about changing the terms in the heads of agreement. Oban has agreed to enter into discussions to change those provisions which we find are a disadvantage to the people of Grand Bahama and people of The Bahamas generally,” Foulkes said.

He noted that while no timeline has been given on when a new deal will be finalized, a number of meetings must take place before moving ahead.

He said that the meetings are paramount to ensure that the government does what is best while formalizing a new deal.

“We are looking primarily at three major categories,” Foulkes noted.

“The economic provisions, the environmental provisions and the legal provisions.

“I do not want to get into further details until we have an opportunity to present our terms to Oban so that they can have the opportunity to respond.”

Foulkes told media on Tuesday that Oban officials seem receptive to a new agreement but there have been no indications from the Oban camp about their feelings on this new development in the ongoing saga.