Govt. housing program offers land for sale in Fox Hill

Govt. housing program offers land for sale in Fox Hill

Land comprises of 10 service lots, each sold for under $30,000


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A little over one acre of land in the Fox Hill community is now available for purchase under the government’s new affordable housing program.

The initiative, according to Minister of Housing Romauld Ferreira, gives Bahamians who could not ordinarily afford a home of their own, access to affordable housing.

The land will be developed into the Lionel Davis Subdivision, comprising of 10 service lots which will be sold for under $30,000.

Unlike the previous administration’s housing initiative, which sold already constructed homes, this new initiative will see service lots owners construct their own homes, and according to housing minister Romauld Ferreira for the first time, persons can build two story homes on government lots.

He also said owners must build energy efficient homes.

“We are encouraging Bahamians to have at least a solar water heater, we want to get these light bills down,” he said.

Free National Movement Member of Parliament for Pine ridge Fredrick McAlpine did not seem too impressed with the division of lots and questioned if 1.2 acres was big enough for 10 homes.

South Andros Member of Parliament Picewell Forbes said the FNM should go back to building homes because the average Bahamian cannot afford a home and a lot.

“How many persons have actually constructed a home on these lots? Someone might be able to scrap the $30,000 for the lot but then there are also other things the contractor, inspecting, stamp and legal duties,” Forbes said.

“Then there is funding through the clearing bank, and if one were to go through the Bahamas Mortgage
Corporation, that’s another long process for persons to qualify and we have heard all the stories.”

The Department of Housing has also identified land for subdivision development in Abaco, Andros, San Salvador and Carmichael village subdivision in New Providence.