Government hits milestones to unlock e-government overhaul project

Government hits milestones to unlock e-government overhaul project
Minister of State for Grand Bahama Senator Kwasi Thompson
NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Government has hit all of its milestones for the acceleration of the e-government overhaul project, Minister of State for Grand Bahama and Senator Kwasi Thompson said yesterday.
Thompson was addressing an Inter-American Development Bank workshop to kick-off the digitization process.
He said: “Earlier this year, the country signed a contract to fund a $30 million dollar loan for one of the largest e-government overhaul projects in our history.
“In order to access the funding the government was required to achieve certain milestones. I am pleased to say the Government has now met all the requirements which will allow this project to accelerate.”
Thompson said the project execution unit was comprised of “a talented and experienced group made up of IT specialists, lawyers and accountants”.
He noted a pilot has been designed the “interoperability platform”, which will allow government agencies to digitally talk to each other.
The design was submitted to a local company that has partnered with an Estonian company to build the platform, Thompson said.
Reporting on the overall progress of the  e-government project, he said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website can now process applications for renewal of the e-passport.
Applicants can pay online for renewal of e-passports and send an electronic message that the passport is ready for collection, Thompson said.
“In essence the user will only have to physically attend the Passport Office to collect the renewed passport,” he continued.
“This process will cut down on the long lines experienced at the Passport Office.”
“We have received and assessed expressions of interest for an E-Cabinet Management system to innovatively streamline and automate the managerial operations of the Cabinet Office; implement advanced security features; provide mobile accessibility for Ministers, the Secretary to the Cabinet, Permanent Secretaries; and delivery of government services.”
Thompson also underscored the engagement of the University of the Bahamas to begin a public survey on existing e-government services, and assess the public e-government needs.