Bus Driver: Gov’t neglecting safety of public bus system

Bus Driver: Gov’t neglecting safety of public bus system

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bus Association president Rudolph Taylor described Road Safety Week as a ploy, stating children’s safety continues to be neglected by the government.

Due to the lack of bus stops, Taylor stated that passengers, along with drivers, are put at risk since they do not have adequate bus stations.

“They ain’t serious about road safety because every day a child gets off a bus it’s a hazard. What they need to do is remove these speeding signs and replace them with bus stops.”

“They say school zones are at every school, yet Uriah McPhee still doesn’t have a school zone,” he asserted.

Taylor told Eyewitness News that the last Official Gazette released by the government was on June 10th 1993. The gazette informs bus drivers where bus stops and lamp pole signs are located to make legal stays. However, within the inner city, many bus stations have been removed which resulted in passengers creating their own bus stations.

If caught by officers on these illegal stops, drivers may be fined for obstruction of traffic by police.

According to Taylor, a 2007 revision was created, however, he, nor the former bus association president, have been successful in attaining the official document.

“According to the powers at the Government Publications they said they were waiting on Road Traffic to release the Road Traffic Act,” he revealed.

While on his route, the president keeps a copy of the outdated document on hand since it allows drivers to know their rights while on the job.

In the past, the president informed Eyewitness News that the former Controller, Bradley Sands, approved number 10 and 12 buses more leeway on the Downtown location due to their long routes.

Taylor reported that two police officers were placed in front of Huffers Downtown on Tuesday to deter bus drivers from being stationed in the designated area, which he deemed unlawful.

“I don’t understand how you could obstruct a two-lane street. As far as I am aware, there are no laws that give a time limit on buses stationed on a bus stop. It takes roughly about 30 seconds to offload a passenger,” he advocated.

Eyewitness News attempted to reach Road traffic Controller, Ross Smith but was unsuccessful.


Well has a bus passenger and a bus user I feel there should be more regulations and guidance on all of these bus including the over crowding of public bus.

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