T.G. Glover School gifted tablets by local business

T.G. Glover School gifted tablets by local business

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The investment of tablets to T.G. Glover Primary School by United Sanitation Services is helping to move the Ministry of Education (MOE) towards its goal to put a device in the hand of every student in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Henry Dean, the proprietor of United Station Services, donated 80 tablets with WiFi devices to Jeffrey Lloyd, Minister of Education, Dr. Marcellus Taylor, Director, and Sheniqua Miller, principal, during a ceremony at the school’s campus last Friday.

“We will not stop until every student, every educator has a device in his/her hand,” said Lloyd.

“By the end of this year, we expect to achieve that. We expect that the 46,000 students in the public school and the 45,000 educators, administrators, teachers will have an appropriate device capacitated to deal with online learning.”

Lloyd thanked Dean for his contribution and described him as someone with decades of philanthropy behind him – one who is committed, giving, sincere, and dedicated.

“This is a proud moment in the life of T.G. Glover, in the MOE and the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. That’s where we have to start with our learning,” he said.

Director Dr Marcellus Taylor said the tablets are not something that can be viewed the same way prior to COVID-19.

Taylor said: “Prior to COVID 19 parents would give tablets to children as a toy or recreational activity. Now, due to COVID-19, many are realizing that these tablets are now the new pathway to children getting a college education.

For his part, Dean said he parked his company vehicles on the school’s property when his business first opened.

He has lived in the neighboring community of the school, located in Horseshoe Drive, for more than half a century.

“I owe this to T.G. Glover,” Dean said.

“I did not pay rent then, so I’m paying it now.

“T.G. Glover is personal and profound to us because we live here. I believe that a good number of students who attend T.G. Glover come from the surrounding area. It would be foolish of us not to pay attention to what’s next door. We want to encourage, enhance, support those in the neighborhood academically but it goes beyond that.

“My presence and involvement bring respectability to the environment. We want to continue to build that kind of reputation.”

Dean said: “I did not have tertiary education but my daughter and two other children [do]. I know what the value of education is. I have invested in it and seen it produce. My children have succeeded, but they can’t be the only ones to succeed. This would be a troubled society for all of us.”

Employees of United Sanitation Services, the oldest private garbage collection company in New Providence, along with Deacon Allison Dean, daughter of Dean, attended the presentation.

Dean has previously donated computers, books, and uniforms to the institution.